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Experient Corporate Social Responsibility

The goal of Experient's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is to embrace positive impact through activities affecting the environment, customers, employees, communities, vendors and other stakeholders in the public sphere.

Our Environmental Management System

Experient's corporate responsibility programs and activities are managed through a Corporate Steering Committee, consisting of a subject matter champion from each area of corporate responsibility.  Each champion directs Experient's efforts, sets strategy, manages compliance, and conducts necessary measurements and disclosure.

Areas of Corporate Responsibility:

Human Resources / Facility Operations & Environment / Financial Accountability / Supplier & Partner Management / Corporate & Community Citizenship/ Executive Management

Management System Reviews & Audits

Experient's corporate responsibility and environmental programs are reviewed and evaluated regularly by the champions of the Corporate Steering Committee.  This committee is responsible for reviewing and considering Experient's position and practices on significant issues of corporate responsibility, including protection of the environment.  The subject matter experts evaluate our performance against each area and recommend changes or improvements to the programs or our performance to achieve or maintain compliance or to reach set targets.  Performance against environmental targets are also measured and disclosed on our website.

Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Requirements for Suppliers and Vendors

On behalf of our customers, Experient includes aspects of corporate responsibility and environmental protection as part of the procurement and evaluation process in securing suppliers and partners to support our clients' meeting and event needs.  Additionally, Experient is proud to work with our clients to engage in "green meeting" practices.  In all phases of event management, we offer consultative guidance as it applies to sustainability.  This approach helps our clients meet both their organizational and event environmental goals and objectives.

Beyond this, Experient expects the same corporate and social responsibility from its direct vendors as it expects of itself.  To this end, Experient is developing a program that requires its vendors to define a management system that addresses the significant aspects of corporate responsibility and environment protection and their intersection with these matters.