march 4, 2015

Five Experient Leaders Join the Prestigious Group of Certified Master Designers at The Maritz Institute

The Maritz Institute recognizes individuals across the Maritz family of businesses for their outstanding demonstration of people-centered design on client programs

St. Louis, MO The Maritz Institute has certified five Experient leaders as Master Designers: Heidi Voorhees, SVP Housing; Cynthia Hornketh, VP Experience Design; Jackie Richards, VP Human Resources and Development; Angela Marini, Director Project Management; and Jennifer Lion, Director Project Management.

These individuals join an elite group of solution designers across Maritz who are demonstrating a positive impact on client programs through a people-centered design approach. Master Designers utilize a science-based understanding of human behavior together with design-thinking methodology to create solutions that drive positive results for client businesses and for the people who are touched by the programs.

These Master Designers serve Experient clients by applying design principles based on the latest from the human sciences to create highly engaging experiences for people participating in sales and channel motivation programs, employee recognition programs, consumer loyalty programs, corporate meetings and events, and incentive travel programs.

Master Designers complete a challenging educational curriculum provided by The Maritz Institute that includes a class taught by leading neuroscientists and design thinking educators, mentoring colleagues and demonstrating knowledge application. A Master Designer designation signifies an individual completing the most rigorous of certifications provided by The Maritz Institute.

ñThe Maritz InstituteÍs vision is to unleash human potential through every program Maritz delivers,î said Mary Beth McEuen, vice president & executive director of The Maritz Institute. ñOur Master Designers are paving new ground in designing programs that make this vision a reality.î

The Maritz Institute is a network of thought leaders advancing the human sciences in business. Through a deeper understanding of people, Maritz solutions help companies achieve their strategic business goals by engaging stakeholders in ways most meaningful to them. Simply stated, our mission is to create better business and better lives. For more information, visit

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