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Luminosity™: Providing metrics and insights to improve event performance and ROI.

Effectively measure the performance of your events and maximize ROI with the Luminosity™ family of survey and analysis offerings. Based on the ROI Methodology endorsed by major industry organizations, Luminosity helps organizers validate the tangible and intangible impact of their events through the development and measurement of key objectives.

Why Luminosity?

  • Refines and improves event objectives, generating better results that help you meet your goals and ensure the success of future events.
  • Saves time and money by outsourcing the development of actionable event surveys during prime event planning periods when you are at your busiest.
  • Compiles easy-to-use professional reports in familiar industry-related business terms to share with senior level executives.
  • Thorough analysis assures event organizers that they are delivering relevant programs and events to their audiences and maximizing ROI.

Key Advantages

  • Luminosity output is generated by staff trained and certified by the ROI Institute, the leading resource on research, training, and networking surrounding the ROI Methodology.
  • Evaluation and measurement are enabled through the establishment of clearly defined event objectives that focus on the effectiveness of delivery via event design, execution and follow-through.
  • Professionally developed and managed survey administration ensures that the data collected provides valid intelligence to help gauge and fine-tune event design and participant satisfaction while supporting repeat registration, sponsorship and exhibitor sales over time.
  • Having event survey data developed and evaluated by a seasoned third-party provides a level of unbiased, objective review and recommendations that only experts in event management can provide.

How It Works

Step 1: Experient works with you to develop event learning objectives that define the desired results of your meeting.

Step 2: We design and implement appropriate methods and tools to measure these objectives and their business impacts, both short-term and long-term.

Step 3: Experienced event logistics experts provide an in-depth analysis and understanding of the collected information to help you make more informed decisions moving forward.


Service Levels

There are four levels to the family of Luminosity service offerings. SightLine™, the base service level, is a stand-alone survey management service that designs and delivers electronic surveys to event participants, attendees and exhibitors. ClearSight™, InSight™ and FullSight™, provide progressive levels of consultation and additional support to serve the needs of any organization looking to measure event results.

From the development of a detailed project plan, data collection, expert analysis, and final impact assessment report, Experient helps you prove the value of your meetings and effectively measure your ROI.

Find out how the different levels of Luminosity services can work for you in a side-by-side comparision.