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More Leads. Anytime. Anywhere. SWAP

Introducing SWAP® 2.5 – the ultimate lead management application for smartphones – with QR code scanning

A new way to capture leads – now exhibitors can read QR codes directly from attendee badges, anywhere...in sessions, in meetings, at events, in hallways, on buses, at dinners...anywhere!

Do your exhibitors have leads written on anything and everything like in this video? Now, your exhibitors will love the new Experient SWAP® lead retrieval smartphone app in addition to Optium™ lead retrieval units or by itself. SWAP is a lead capture native application for Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and a web-based app for other data-aware smartphones.

Better data = better decisions

In the easy-to-access dashboard, view leads generated by the hour, day, by attendee demographic, in aggregate, or by exhibitor, no matter which lead retrieval devices were used. It’s easier than ever to collect better data, make better business decisions and prove the value of tradeshows.

  • Integrates w/ registration database by scanning QR codes or using badge ID numbers
  • Covers all ‘data-aware’ smartphones (native and web apps)
  • Capture leads per salesperson and in aggregate
  • Each salesperson can view their leads on their smartphone
  • SWAP Exhibitor portal allows exhibitor management to measure productivity of each salesperson
  • Take notes within each lead and answer qualifying questions
  • Includes custom survey options to gather additional information from booth visitors
  • Can export a list of leads in multiple formats
  • Native app works in off-line mode: not dependent upon continuous cellular connectivity to work
  • SWAP Exhibitor portal reports data for managing leads and configuring custom surveys for both show organizer and exhibitors
  • Landscape orientation option allows for easy notetaking and data entry
  • Background syncing occurs automatically and simultaneously

View our SWAP Tutorial

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