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Lead Retrieval and Data Management Options

iPhone 5 with SWAP Screen

SWAP Lead Retrieval Smartphone AppSWAP® 2.5 – the ultimate lead management application for smart devices– with QR code scanning

For the latest in lead retrieval, you need SWAP!

Download the app directly to your phone or device
Capture leads anywhere: in the booth, sessions, meetings, events, in the hallway, on the bus, etc.
Custom lead qualifiers

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Lead Management Devices: RT1000Optium RT2000

  • A mobile method for capturing lead information
  • Instant access to lead data ; Follow-up can begin immediately
  • Handheld and wireless unit ; No electricity required
  • All leads captured are consolidated in your SWAP Portal
  • Booth activity can be monitored, in real time, from remote locations
  • Easily create your own custom surveys
  • Available with a compact printer for immediate lead printing

Lead Management Devices: S400Optium S400

This compact, affordable unit is designed to fit easily on any exhibit booth counter. The Optium S400 is packed with features such as:

  • On-board USB drive which allows for quick and easy follow-up
  • Easy-to-read customizable printout
  • Internal memory for back-up of leads and demographics
  • Bright LCD screen for instant lead database review
  • Small footprint (8"l x 3-1/2"h x 4-1/2"w)
  • Requires electricity

Lead Management Devices: S400Developer’s Kit for Real Time Data Services

Already have your own Lead Retrieval solution? Use our RTS developer’s kit to access full demographic information from scanned badges.

  • All of the information you need to access our registration database in real time
  • Instructions for your IT Department to set up the data transfer through an API key
  • Choose whether you want to pull data in real time, nightly or at the end of the event