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As a leader in advance and onsite registration services, Experient will help you Meet with Success®

While some providers talk about quality, we measure it!

Some of these measurements include:

  • On time delivery of web sites
  • Build accuracy including unique business logic requirements 
  • Accuracy and timeliness of badge production and mailings
  • Responsiveness and accuracy of customer service
  • Onsite queue and processing times

Our Quality Scorecards contain more than 30 individual metrics measuring the quality of our registration services in areas considered to be “critical-to-quality” for our customers and our business, such as ensuring accuracy; on-time delivery and attendee satisfaction meet or exceed our standards. Experient employees align their performance to meet or exceed these standards.

What should you look for in a Registration Services provider?

  • A partner who has an array of solutions ranging from the quick turn, cost effective to the highly customized and large scale efforts
  • The ability to balance your data capture needs with the need for the registrant to be very satisfied with the process
  • Unlimited reporting capabilities, pre-determined templates
  • Dashboard style interface - DecisionPoint™
  • Outstanding customer service both pre-event and onsite
  • Web services capabilities to integrate with other systems, data sources and 3rd party providers
  • Specialists that are familiar with onsite venues, relationships with decorators and facilities to get things done
  • A system that is widely used and desired by onsite temporary labor

We take a consultative approach to configuring the right registration solution that will maximize your return on investment (ROI).

You get the benefit of our full service registration solution in five important areas: