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Why Choose Experient?

Planning and executing exceptional events isn’t easy. In fact, in 2016, Careercast ranked event planning as one of the top five most stressful jobs. Given your competing goals, tight deadlines and constant demands, this isn’t exactly surprising.

Your goals for your next event are clear: more revenue, new insights and more remarkable experiences. A bad event could ruin your organization’s year. Everything must go right. But how do you create an event that achieves your many goals and keeps everyone happy? A strong professional event management partner can help. Experient wants to be that partner for you.

Event management services that drive results for you.

For decades, Experient has delivered event management services that achieve your most important goals. You choose the level of service you need. We can provide end-to-end professional event management, or you pick the services that are right for you.

We provide the following event management services:

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Event Design

We work with you to design an event that’s customized to your goals and guests. Our team uses the latest findings in neuroscience research to create experiences that drive results for your organization.

Event Marketing

As your professional event management partner, we design event communications that drive registration, generate excitement and get your event off on the right foot.

Exhibitor Services

We provide industry-leading exhibitor technology that engages your exhibitors and connects them to your guests in measurable ways. We help you prove the value of your event to your exhibitors so that they are eager to return to the next event.

Global Events

Need event management services on a global scale? No problem. Our team of experts can help you plan exceptional events anywhere in the world and deliver on-the-ground support in countless locations.


The housing experience is critical for overall guest satisfaction at your event, but effectively managing room blocks can be challenging. In addition to delivering an exceptional on-line reservation experience, Experient helps you develop and execute room block strategies that work for you – and your guests.

Event Logistics

Don’t let event logistics ruin your organization’s next big meeting or event. Experient helps bring your event to life – providing everything from end-to-end project management to on-site support.


Your event registration system must be user-friendly for your guests, collect the data you need, and integrate with your other technology. Experient’s registration technology does all of the above.


Hotels have more negotiating power than ever when it comes to event sourcing, but you don’t need to make all the concessions. Experient’s unparalleled buying power and preferred supplier network deliver great rates, concessions, and terms for all of your event contracts.

Virtual Events

Your attendees might want a virtual event, but they don’t want an artificial experience. Experient can help build a solution that’s right for your organization.

Event Technology

Your guests expect innovative events from your organization. Experient pioneered some of the most revolutionary event technology in the industry. We can help you find the right solution for your event.