Event Housing — Satisfying Your Guests and Mitigating Your Risk

Effective event housing strategies are critical for guest satisfaction — and avoid risk from costly attrition penalties. Your guests want a remarkable experience. And your boss has made it clear: don’t put us at risk of attrition.

If you fail to negotiate the right rates and concessions you risk your guests booking outside of the block. If you book a hotel room block that’s too large, it puts you at risk of attrition. But if you try to avoid the risk of attrition you may not satisfy the demand. If you go with a “no attrition” contract, you give up valuable concessions. Worse yet, you risk an event housing experience that angers your guests and makes them unlikely to return next year.

Event housing can seem like a no-win situation. But with the right partner you can overcome these challenges and develop a housing strategy that works.

What to Look for in an Event Housing Partner

You need a convention housing partner who can manage event housing so your guests never think twice about them. You need a partner to free you up to worry about what really matters – the entire guest experience, not just housing.

What should you look for in an event housing partner? We suggesting finding a partner that:

Maximize your room block pickup.

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Mitigate your attrition risks with 3 Essentials for Housing and Room Block Mastery.

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Operates as an extension of your staff.

You need a partner there for you during the entire event planning process; pre-event, on-site and post-event. With Experient, your housing specialist works with you at every step, easing your workload and taking care of your guests. No matter the level of support, Experient understands your needs and proactively responds to all challenges.

Knows how to negotiate on your behalf.

Negotiating can be tough – especially when it comes to housing. Not just any professional event management partner can get you the best hotels at the best rates and concessions. Experient has negotiated event contracts for decades. That means, we can:

  • Get you maximum benefits and usage of housing room blocks.
  • Prevent attrition penalties to minimize expenses.
  • Get you greater hotel concessions, lower room rates and more in-block reservations.
  • Monitor your rate on a weekly basis to ensure your rates are always the lowest.


Can access the data you need.

You need up-to-the-minute data that helps you make decisions and demonstrate savings. Experient’s data gives you access to real-time inventory reporting, helps you maximize ROI and gives you what you need to make quick, well-informed decisions.

Proactively mitigates risk for your event.

You need event housing contracts that get you the terms and costs you need and follow all regulatory guidelines to the last detail. The last thing you need is a poorly written contract that exposes your organization to unnecessary risk. Experient secures the dates and locations you want without making risky concessions. In addition, our payment card industry (PCI) compliance reliably protects guest information safely and securely.

Why Choose Experient for your Event Housing?

Experient’s event housing tools make life easier. We’ve been doing this for years, so we give you what you need to create an exceptional experience for your guests.

We maximize your hotel room block, simplify the reservation process, protect your guests’ information and integrate data with your registration system.

When you book event housing with Experient, you get:

  • Rate Monitoring. We constantly monitor hotel rates. If a hotel’s rate decreases after the reservation is made, we proactively adjust immediately. In addition, we make sure your resort fees are waived whenever possible.
  • On-site liaisons. Experient’s liaisons are always on hand if you or your guests need any help during their hotel stay.
  • Risk Prevention. We will help you or negotiate on your behalf the right size room blocks, rates, and concessions that deliver the best possible experience for your guests while mitigating the risk of attrition.

Does Your Organization Need Help Managing Housing?

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