Event Logistics — Small Moments Add Up to Exceptional Event Experiences

Your event guests might not be aware of all the painstaking details your talented team manages, but they all add up to create a remarkable event experience.

But unfortunately, all it takes is one snag to cause this otherwise great event to unravel.

You invested your money and time to plan and deliver a successful event. You can’t afford to frustrate guests with event logistics mishaps.

Do you find yourself worrying about:

  • How to effectively direct guests in and out of sessions and events in a timely and orderly fashion?
  • How to design session and reception rooms that delight guests and are mission aligned?
  • How to make sure your VIPs have a pleasant and uneventful ride to and from the airport?
  • How you’re going to quickly pivot and adjust locations due to weather or other unanticipated disruptions?
  • How to make sure every vendor delivers what they promised?

All of these details (and many more) keep you from focusing on what really matters – the guest experience. It’s time to hire an event logistics partner that can help you manage the details.

What to Look for in an Event Logistics Partner

While the details of event logistics are often small, they can have a big impact on your guests’ experiences at your event. When event logistics go wrong, the only thing a guest remembers is the one negative moment they had – even if it was something minor. You need a partner you can trust – one who’s got your back and who is proactive in scouting out and addressing potential snags.

Make sure whoever you choose has the following qualifications:

From room block management and meeting room setups, to VIPs and Food & Beverage, the On-Site Management Checklist will help you through many of the most important points to keep in mind.

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Attention to detail.

Experient has created methodologies that allow keen attention to detail, as well as keeping an eye on mitigating risk at every touch point. That means you don’t have to worry about anything slipping through the cracks. Our team of event professionals brings the latest industry best practices to the table, sharing new ideas to enhance the guest experience. We become an extension of your event team, freeing you up to address more strategic considerations.

Dedication to excellence and continuous improvement.

Experient has been perfecting event logistics for decades. Our tested and trusted standards help ensure that your event reputation remains stellar. In today’s fast-changing event environment, continuous improvement is crucial to satisfying escalating guest expectations. With Experient, you’ll have a partner you can brainstorm and collaborate with to make sure your events are always top-notch and get better every year.

Maximum flexibility.

From site selection and contract negotiations to unified registration and housing, to food and beverage, Experient is adept at handling every single detail of your event. With that said, only you know the level of service that’s right for you, so we’re ready to jump in where and how you need us.

Why Choose Experient for Event Logistics?

Experient is a skilled and experienced partner for your event and conference logistics. We operate as an extension of your conference or tradeshow logistics team. You’re the event hero – but we’re here to serve as your trusty sidekick, weighing in with recommendations to take your event to new heights.

We’re here to make the event planning process easy for you, keeping costs low and creating exceptional experiences for your guests.

Our event logistics services include:

  • Project management timeline development
  • Supplier negotiations and management (A/V, Decorator, DMC)
  • Budget analysis
  • Coordination of site visits
  • Food and beverage negotiation and management
  • Assignment of function space
  • Planning and management of offsite events
  • Creation of detailed event guide for all venues and suppliers

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