Event Registration System — Robust for You, Simple for Your Guests

Don’t let your event registration system spoil your next event. Poorly designed online registration experiences, unanswered customer service questions or long lines at the registration counter make guests angry and put your event’s success at risk.

Registration is your guests’ first introduction to your event. It needs to be rapid-fire, seamless and hyper-relevant. You need an expo, event, conference or trade show registration system simple enough for anyone to use, robust enough to collect the data you need, and delivers actionable insights.

Finding the Right Event Registration System

Before the event:

  • Robust data capture for you. User-friendly registration for guests. Some event and trade show registration tools are simple to use for guests, but don’t collect the data event organizers need. Others capture relevant data, but are difficult for registrants. Experient’s toolset strikes the perfect balance. Registrants get a simple, user-friendly interface and event organizers get an industry-leading tool that captures the data they need.
  • Integration with your other tools. Even the most advanced event and trade show registration software in the world can be a waste of money if it won’t integrate with the tools you already use. Experient’s registration software integrates with your favorite tools so you can efficiently share and use your guest data across all of your platforms.
  • A dashboard style interface. Robust registration systems only work if you can understand how to use them and access them when you need them. With Experient’s registration, you access all your information on demand – anytime, anywhere. Our system transforms your data into useful insights that drive better business decisions.
  • Regulatory compliance. We protect your guests’ data – and privacy – at all times and have taken the extra step to be third-party audited for compliance. Experient’s event registration systems are fully PCI and 508(c) compliant and we process personal information in accordance with the applicable provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Ask your current provider for their Report on Compliance (ROC). If they don’t have one they are putting your organization at risk.

On-site Registration Support:

  • Experienced staff. Registration needs to run smoothly for you and your guests, from designing and setting up registration areas, to managing technology and coordinating traffic flow. Our experienced team manages hundreds of events each year. We know what works and what doesn’t — ensuring registration is painless for you and your guests.
  • An easy-to-use registration system. Your guests and your staff will be able to use Experient’s event registration system intuitively, whether your team is made of volunteers or experienced event professionals.
  • Scan & Go onsite badge pickup. Self-registration speeds up wait times and eases guest frustration. Experient provides Scan & Go equipment that’s easy to use as well as consultation and training for your team.

Post-Event Reporting:

  • Unlimited reporting capabilities. We offer a registration and payment tool with real-time, 24/7 access to your most important event data. You can customize your reporting or pick from a library of event reporting templates.
  • Critical new insights. Experient’s tools help you harness the power of your event data to reveal critical insights about the changing needs and preferences of your event guests.
  • Measurement and quality standards. Delivering easy guest registration is just the start – you also need to prove it to your organization. Our registration quality scorecards contain 30 metrics that show your organization the accuracy, timeliness and attendee satisfaction Experient registration services provide.

How one organization cut the wait time of registration lines from one hour to just five minutes. See how it was done and how you can find similar solutions.

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Why Choose Experient's Event Registration System?

Our event registration system makes it easier on you and your guests. It manages your guests’ registration months in advance. Then it handles their on-site registration and ticketing needs after they arrive.

As your professional event management partner, we provide the exact level of service you need. Our solutions scale to meet your unique needs. That includes quick turn and cost effective registrations as well as highly customized and large scale projects.

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