Event Sourcing — You Still Have a Choice

Are you sacrificing critical protections against event risks to get the destination, dates and rates you want? Do you have access to data that proves you’re getting that “best deal” you’ve been promised?

In this seller’s market, you may feel pressured to compromise on venue sourcing. But negotiating event contracts is challenging, and hotels have more negotiating power than ever. Finding the right venue and executing the best deal takes additional time to ensure you receive the optimum combination of rate, concessions and terms.

With the right event sourcing partner, you don’t need to worry.

Finding the Right Event Sourcing Partner

Many professional event management companies claim they can research and negotiate the best event housing rates for you. But event sourcing is so much more than site selection.

Discover the best room rates, most sufficient meeting spaces and best concessions.

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Has the data to prove you’re getting the best deals.

By leveraging our data-driven event sourcing insights along with our relationships, you can substantially increase your negotiating clout. Because we’re a part of Maritz Global Events, which manages thousands of events every year, we know the actual rates and contract concessions your target destination agreed to with other events. We know what the best package for your event looks like — and we get it for you.

Protects you against risk.

Risk is everywhere. Weather, acts of God, politics, disease and violence make it more difficult to execute the best possible event. You need protection from the continuously changing environment and you don’t need to waste time haggling over language that doesn’t matter to you. We leverage our strong relationships to help you develop event contracts that secure the dates and locations you want, and remove language that exposes your event to too much risk.

Understands your needs and goals.

One-size-fits-all sourcing won’t cut it for your organization or your guests. They expect unique experiences that engage and motivate. That’s why Experient begins with a needs assessment to identify the unique goals for your event with an emphasis on meeting scope, business outcomes and budget.

Helps you find the right fit for your event.

Don’t waste your time on site visits or with property evaluations for venues that don’t fit your event or your budget. Our knowledgeable and experienced team has relationships with top supplier partners that run deep. This ensures you receive the best rates and most impactful collection of concessions for your event contracts.

Secure measurable savings.

You’re always trying to prove the value of your events and make your event budget go further. After your event is over, we deliver easy-to-understand reports that showcase how much you saved on event sourcing.

Why Choose Experient for Event Sourcing?

When you select Experient for event sourcing, you get to focus on doing what you do best. Our vendor relationships, our unprecedented purchasing data and decades of consultative experience give you more time to focus on delivering the attendee experience that makes an impact on your event.

When you choose Experient as your event sourcing partner, we work as extension of your team. That means you get to focus on planning a remarkable experience for your guests and stop worrying about how to secure the right venue at the right price and all that comes with that decision.

Need help with sourcing your next event? Let’s talk about how our Sourcing Spectrum solution can help.

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