Are you ready to design and execute a virtual event?

Your attendees might want a virtual event, but they don’t want an artificial experience.

Technology is revolutionizing the meetings industry. In this ever changing landscape, you need to consider all types of outreach as a solution for your attendees – including offering a hybrid or even fully virtual event. That’s easier said than done. Guests say they want more options for attending your events. But too often, the wrong virtual environments or poor online event management leave guests confused and frustrated. If it’s not problems with the technology itself, then the overall event experience falls flat.

The best online event management partners can make a great virtual event a reality. But how do you pick the right virtual environment and implement it so it reflects well on your organization?

Online Event Management that Actually Works

Don’t sacrifice quality event planning when you go virtual. A good online event management partner helps you select technology that actually works for your event. Then they’re by your side to make sure every guest connects with your event and each other.

Look for a partner who:

  • Puts the guest experience first. Just because your virtual event technology says a guest is connected, it doesn’t mean they’re actually connecting. Experient’s digital events team has the experience and technological insight to provide you – and your guests - a meeting full of meaningful experiences and free of technical glitches.
  • Creates customized solutions for your event. One-size-fits-all doesn’t work for you or your guests. At Experient, we take a consultative approach to virtual event planning. We get to know you and your organization, then help you find the right technology that delivers results for you and an exceptional experience for your guests.
  • Delivers a consistent event experience. Your virtual event shouldn’t stand alone. The experience should be consistent with your brand, making virtual events guests feel like they’re face-to-face – even when no one is.

We know your time is important, so our team streamlines the technology decision process. We provide you with the best solution for your virtual event in the shortest timeframe possible.

Thinking about adding a virtual element to your meeting?

Whether you're ready to implement or still wondering if a hybrid event is right for you, contact one of our digital experts to discuss.

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Virtual Event Planning Services

Experient provides end-to-end virtual event planning support across the entire process including:

  • Digital Assessment
  • Strategy & Planning
  • User Experience
  • Technology Selection
  • Content Strategy and Program
  • Logistical Planning and Execution
  • Tracking, Measuring, and Reporting

Why Choose Experient for Virtual Event Planning?

Whether you need a digital component for your face-to-face event or need to plan a completely virtual event, Experient is the partner that can make it happen.

With Experient you don’t need to pick between great event planning and great technology. Our virtual event planning approach includes customized solutions aligned to your event goals. When the event ends, our comprehensive reporting proves your success against those objectives.