Conference Planning — Your Annual Meeting Defines Your Association’s Year

When conference planning goes well, member engagement skyrockets and so does your revenue. With expenses constantly on the rise, all it takes is one lackluster event to ruin everything. If members and exhibitors decide that your event isn’t worth their time or money, attendance will decline and so will your association’s profits. The right conference planning partner helps you avoid those traps. They deliver excited guests, happy exhibitors and a profitable event.

With so many conference planning companies out there, how do you find the right one?

What should you look for in an annual meeting planning partner?

Great conference management companies have a proven track record of growing conference attendance and revenue, reducing churn of attendees, exhibitors and sponsors, and improving experiences across the entire event spectrum. Look for a conference planning partner that has:

Expertise in annual meeting design.

Your annual meeting needs to reach a diverse group of participants. Your members come from different backgrounds and generations. Each guest expects something different from your annual meeting. Logistical expertise isn’t enough in today’s world where there are so many things competing for your guests’ attention. That's why we begin our annual meeting planning cycle with experience design, developing science-based strategies proven to deepen event guest engagement and inspire action.

Innovative technology that wows your exhibitors.

If your exhibitors don’t see results from your event, they won’t be back next year. To keep up, your annual meeting needs to offer exhibitors the latest exhibitor tools. From innovative lead retrieval to behavioral tracking and analysis technology – Experient helps exhibitors understand the true value of their relationship with you and your event.

Scale and buying power to save you money.

Attendee and exhibitor expectations are growing, but your annual meeting budgets aren’t growing with them. A conference planning partner with strong supplier relationships, good negotiation skills and significant buying power keeps your expenses down. Experient’s size and scale gets you the best event sourcing deals and lets you focus your time and your budget on things that matter.

Why choose Experient for annual meeting planning?

Associations count on Experient as a trusted advisor, providing just-in-time insight that helps deliver remarkable event experiences for all of their stakeholders. Each year we support more than 650 associations and nonprofits with annual meeting planning — from regional events to global exhibitions.

As one of the world’s leading conference management companies, our association and not-for-profit customers represent more than 30 industries and special interest sectors, including health/medical, education, manufacturing, real estate, religion and fashion.

For decades, we have helped associations and organizations satisfy both meeting participants and exhibitors/sponsors. We understand the pressures you feel and how crucial your events are to your organization’s success.

At every step of the way, we operate as an extension of your conference planning team. We want to make you look good and help you accelerate your career. That’s why after the event, we provide you with powerful, C-Suite-ready reports that will impress your leadership team.

As your professional event management partner, Experient works with event organizers to deliver an event that keeps guests and exhibitors happy from registration to post-event follow up. We always keep your costs within budget and deliver results that prove your event’s ROI.

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