Your government conferences are critical to your agency’s mission.

Events are key to bridging public and private interests, as well as sharing information and managing outreach with constituents, but you need to show results for your expenses, especially in this era of accountability.

Financial transparency is absolutely critical. Everyone is watching your government meeting's budget – from government watchdogs to the media. In this climate, you need a partner you can trust – a partner that keeps you informed at every step. But that can be hard to find.

Finding the Right Government Conferences Partner

Your government meeting planning partner should provide:


Experient keeps you out of the headlines with government meeting planning that delivers on your promises to taxpayers: transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility. With Experient, you will benefit from our proven experience and adherence to federal laws and regulations while ensuring your event is the perfect production for you and your attendees.

Full financial transparency.

You need to know spending is following all ethics rules. That’s why Experient keeps financial management transparent throughout the entire process, giving you a complete picture of your government meetings spend.

Deep connections with major suppliers.

Your partner needs to understand the complexities of outsourcing services for government events and can follow the appropriate guidelines while providing exceptional event experiences. Our government meetings team has deep experience in following procurement regulations, meeting ethical standards and forging effective partnerships with federal contractors.

Experience vetting compliant partners.

You need a partner who knows how to vet all of your exhibitors and sponsors at tradeshows to ensure they comply with agency restrictions. Experient always works within the proper channels to satisfy the unique needs of the government market while delivering exceptional and compliant event experiences.

Competency to deliver an international event.

Federal work reaches around the world. The right partner should be able to execute on a global scale. When you work with Experient, our Global Meetings Network ensures you deliver exceptional events with confidence anywhere in the world.

Why choose Experient for government meeting planning?

Ensuring an effective government event experience while staying in compliance requires experience and commitment. Experient can deliver both. Each year, nearly 100 government, military, insurance, education and public services agencies choose Experient, because:

  • We keep you out of the headlines while delivering an exceptional government meeting experience.
  • We’re the only government meeting planning company that creatively and conveniently engineers the total event experience – one that is distinct, memorable and efficient.
  • We serve as the government conferences partner for more than a dozen federal and state agencies, as well as countless federal contracting partners and grand recipients.
  • Our inclusion in the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Professional Services Schedule for Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS) procurement program (GS-23F-0023N) speeds the procurement process and makes it easy for federal entities to take advantage of our proven solutions and best practice expertise.

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