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Trade Show Management — Maximizing Your Show’s Potential

Everyone expects (and demands) MORE from your trade show: more qualified business leads; more new contacts and face-to-face exchanges; more relevant and rewarding learning experiences; more innovation and collaboration; and more fun, surprises, and excitement.

You need to satisfy a wide range of show customers, each with very different needs and aspirations that are constantly changing. And if your trade show plan falls short, your show’s future could be at risk.

But who can you rely on to help you make it all happen?

Finding the Right Trade Show Management Partner

You need a partner who can help extend the capabilities of your talented team and improve outcomes for your show. You need a partner who can back you up and serve as a business results catalyst. But how do you pick from all the trade show specialists out there? Look for a partner who can:

Scrutinize expenses and stretch your show budget dollars further.

Your trade show partner should have the scale, experience and relationships to save you money (and time) on event sourcing AV, food & beverage, technology and a host of other expenses Experient has helped trade show organizers negotiate better deals with their vendors, trimming costs and making hotel room blocks more appealing. Our expense benchmark data, gleaned from the thousands of events we support each year, helps us zero in on best options to push harder at the negotiation table and helps you spend less and get more.

Deliver more robust and credible ROI reporting.

You’re being asked to pinpoint ROI for nearly every dollar that’s invested in your show. To deliver on that mandate, you need stronger systems that connect the revenue and expense dots more effectively. When you partner with Experient, you’ll have 24/7 access to all financial data, with C-suite ready reports to help you communicate your trade show value story more powerfully.

Equip exhibitors with state-of-the-art lead generation tools.

Keeping your exhibitors happy and returning means providing them the latest technologies to make the most of their time at your show. Experient provides cutting-edge trade show lead generation strategies and lead retrieval tools that exhibitors appreciate. Tools that not only reveal the leads they collected, but the qualified buyers they might have missed and can still pursue. For many exhibitors, your trade show is a once-a-year lead generation bonanza and they’re counting on you to help them fill their pipeline. If you disappoint them with inferior lead generation tools, they’ll start investing elsewhere.

Engage more effective marketing strategies to boost attendance and loyalty.

To satisfy your organization AND your exhibitors, you need stronger and more targeted marketing campaigns that lock in on top challenges for each segment. Experient works with clients to first understand who they most want to attend their show. Then we design a marketing plan for each segment to win more YES decisions to attend. And once that YES is earned, next steps to register and make hotel reservations advance quickly and easily.

Capture and analyze behavioral data to design the experiences your customers crave.

Experient’s eventBit helps you understand what people actually DO once they arrive at your event. Which show elements are your guests flocking to? Which ones are they avoiding? Which ones might merit a bit more fine-tuning to transform them into winners? You’ll have real-time intelligence on everything that’s happening at your show. This level of business insight has never been possible… until now. With eventBit, you’ll have exactly what you need to keep your show on a healthier growth track for years to come.

Why choose Experient for trade show management and convention planning?

When it comes to trade shows, nobody knows this landscape better than Experient. Recognized as one of the top trade show specialists in the world, we help trade show organizers to design and deliver triple win experiences. Wins that delight your attendees. Wins that delight your exhibitors and sponsors. And most importantly, wins that delight YOU.

We operate more than 130 independent, for-profit events worldwide, spanning more than 30 industries. Our depth and breadth allows us to provide the exact level of service and support you need for any event – from end-to-end trade show management to fully customized solutions that address a particular need.

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