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Each year, more and more specialized events are created to meet the growing desires of their fans. From festivals, animes and cons to auto shows, eSports events and more, enthusiasts who share the same intense passions want to celebrate their culture with others who do the same.

While growth is exciting, the increased operational demands can be a challenge.

You need the right team to help magnify your manpower while bringing your enthusiasts an experience they won’t forget.

Finding the Right Partner to Help Manage Your Consumer Events Makes All the Difference

Enthusiasts are social. Their passions define them and will base their lives around their favorite music festival or con. A great event or not, they’ll spread the word. Be sure you’re maximizing your volunteers in a way to meet the enthusiasts’ demands.

Even the best superheroes need a sidekick. The greatest bands need a stage manager. Your festival, race, con or anime needs a convention management partner with the experience, knowledge and all-around record to make it the best.

The best partner will help you:

Make your guests feel special through fully customized experiences.

Enthusiasts crave personalized experiences that lock in on their passion. Experient is as passionate as your guests in helping you design over-the-top, authentic experiences. The right digital platforms, from website to mobile apps, are crucial experience drivers that turbo-charge events and can take community engagement to new heights.

Use the latest technology to track and predict attendee behavior.

Exhibitors and sponsors love your event because your guests are passionate. They invest based on the promise of business development. You need a partner who has the latest technology to track attendee behavior in real time, so you know what’s hot – and where – and how to make the best decision on the fly. Our technologies and expertise helps you see what works and what doesn’t and how to transform it or trash it. This type of data gives your sponsorship program a significant boost, as you’re now able to provide more credible ROI analytics and recommendations for future success.

Design the best marketing strategy to boost attendance and loyalty.

If you really want to win your audience’s attention, you need a partner who will help you weave together important insights about them — data-driven insights enabling you to make more effective decisions about how and where you spend your marketing time (and dollars). Our team will collaborate with you to unleash the best ways of communicating with your audience using a collection of data and design messaging to excite them and motivate them to act.

Calculate the economic impact to your host city.

Getting an accurate analysis on the economic impact of your festival, con or event can be tricky, and it if not careful can negatively affect your relationship with your host city making your future negotiations for space and hotel rooms difficult. We’ll help you measure the financial impact your event has across multiple channels, giving you more power at the bargaining table. We’ll even go a step further, and provide you valuable benchmark data for similar events, so you know when and where to push harder for concessions.

Why choose Experient for your passion-packed event?

Our team has a wealth of convention management experience and industry expertise to design and deliver a remarkable experience for your fans. No matter what the passion, we can help grow your crowd of enthusiasts, while expanding your revenue streams.

Experient offers a variety of customizable services, including:

  • Advanced ticketing and registration strategies: We make the onsite ticketing experience simple with Scan & Go onsite technology. Give your attendees a hassle-free experience to buy tickets and register onsite.
  • Strategic registration and housing: With our unmatched buying power and housing strategies, you’ll save money, while increasing your revenue through improved room block performance. We will also provide onsite and call center support for your largest events, ensuring maximum guest satisfaction.
  • Extensive data collection: Track each attendee’s movements at all times, without feeling like Big Brother. Capturing detailed financial data can help you optimize the event experience for your guests, sponsors and exhibitors—both now and in the future.

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