Winning in a Competitive Market

With more competitive sporting events than ever before, athletes of all ages have more options to choose from.

That means you really need to wow your participants to keep them coming back each year. The same old race or tournament plan just won’t do if you want participants talking about your event long after they return home.

Are you doing enough to keep your participants running back for more?

Finding the Right Sports Events Management Partner

You only get one shot at your event. Finding the right partner is critical. Look for one who can:

Move as fast as you do.

Every day your event site isn’t live is a day potential participants find a different option. Your event site is up and running right after you sign a contract with Experient. Our user-friendly registration and ticketing solutions make signing-up quick and easy for your participants.

Boost event registration and tickets sales.

With more competition for a smaller audience, your outreach needs to stand out. Can your sports event management partner make registration quick and painless for your participants? Our experienced team eliminates hurdles for you and provides user-friendly tools that let your participants focus on the competition – not long lines or technical snags.

Provide safety and security for participants and their fans.

Personal, health and data safety and security can all make or break both you and an attendee’s experience. Behind the scenes, Experient mitigates potential problems ensuring worry-free event experiences for all.

Deliver a winning housing strategy.

Your guests want to focus on the competition, not search for the right accommodations. Your sports event management partner should be able to integrate third-party booking sites into one easy-to-use tool. Do they also have the scale and relationships to negotiate the best rates and most advantageous contracts for you? Experient’s housing strategies increase your revenue and deliver loyalty from your hosts, athletes, spectators, fans and attendees.

Event apps that improve participant experiences.

Your mobile app should be easy to use – for athletes, for attendees and for you. Participants want their event information to be easily accessible on their phone along with their housing, ticket and registration information. Experient’s mobile app does it all. It works online or offline to make it easy on your athletes, and it integrates with your other systems to make it easy on you.

Collect the data you need.

Can you prove the economic impact your event has on your host city? Does your registration system seamlessly sync with your timing and bib providers? Does your registration system integrate with your mobile app and housing systems? If you can’t answer yes to all of these questions – it’s time to up your data collection game. Experient delivers the right insights from your data, highlighting your improved performance and impact on your bottom line.

Why choose Experient for your sports event management?

Experient is the sports event management partner who understands your challenges – and how to solve them. Our team includes some of the best minds in the business.

From tactics to trophies, Experient develops winning game plans for your event that are distinct, memorable and efficient. And when the pressure is on during your event, our team delivers in the clutch.

We serve as extension of you and your team. We provide the exact level of service you need. We’re here to make your event – and you – look good.

Can you get more from your budget? Ask for a free consultation from Experient and discover how we can win together.

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We’ll take care of every aspect of your event—from strategy and planning to production and on-site management and everything in between—so you don’t have to.

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