Designing an Exceptional Event Experience

Event costs are on the rise. Your budget is not. And your guests’ expectations are higher than ever.

A good event experience means happy guests, exhibitors and sponsors who want to come back – and bring their friends. A lackluster event or frustrating conference experience leads to stagnant or declining attendance. After all your work attracting these people to your event, it would be a shame to lose them.

Striking the right balance between your stakeholders’ expectations and your budget’s limitations can feel impossible. Your event experience drives nearly every performance metric that matters, but you’re probably not getting more money to deliver it.

Finding a Partner to Plan your Event Experience

If you’re looking for a partner to help you design an event experience that drives results, consider asking the following questions:

  • How do you prove results? You need to deliver remarkable event experiences for your guests – but you also need to stay within budget. Your partner must have experience delivering value to your organization without coming back to you with constant requests for more money. Experient can help you expand your design plan, without breaking your budget. We’re bullish on measuring your event’s impact on guests, with a close eye on forecasts and expense management. We’ll provide you with reports that capture both sides of this equation.
  • Do you provide recommendations for improvement? How will you know if you’ve delivered an excellent event or conference experience? More importantly, how will you know exactly which event elements triggered that success, and which ones can be improved for next time? You need to know which experiences your guests loved and which ones frustrated or disappointed them. Experient is second to none when it comes to capturing behavioral data, providing you with detailed analytics on exactly what’s driving each win. This valuable insight will also help jumpstart planning for your next event.
  • Do you understand my goals? If a partner doesn’t understand your organization’s mission or goals, creating meaningful attendee experiences is nearly impossible. You can’t create value without a deep understanding of what matters to you, your organization, and your event guests. Experient invests the time to get to know you and learn about your event goals, then designs every moment of your attendees’ experience to deliver on those objectives.
  • Are you focused on the total event experience? Any event management agency can throw the latest flashy trends at your event. But your event is more than just a series of disconnected one-size-fits-all moments. The right partner should design a series of valued experiences that connect directly with your guests in thoughtful and relevant ways. When you design for the total event experience, momentum becomes a powerful success catalyst, with each exceptional event experience building on each other to create an event your guests will never forget.

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Why Choose Experient to Design Your Event or Conference Experience?

Your guests’ expectations may be higher than ever before, but Experient can help. For decades, Experient has consistently delivered exceptional event experiences.

From the moment your guests receive your invitation to the second they return home, Experient ensures their event experience is seamless and unforgettable.

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