Delivering Profitable Events in a Climate of Rising Costs

Designing and executing profitable events is a series of high-stakes games. Can you win them all – keeping costs low, attracting more event sponsorships and exhibitors, and growing attendance?

For most event organizers, the pressure on your revenue generating events is intensifying. After each successful event, the revenue target increases. But it’s hard to hit those aggressive growth goals when you’re also faced with rising costs and flat budgets.

The right partner can help you achieve your revenue goals by designing profitable events that diversify your income sources, securing more and better event sponsorships and exhibitors.

Finding a Partner to Support Your Revenue Generating Events

If you want to generate more revenue from your conferences and trade shows, it may be time to consider tapping specialists with deeper expertise. A strong partner must be able to help you:

  • Retain sponsors and exhibitors and scale-up their investment. Every sponsor or exhibitor who doesn’t renew creates a revenue gap. Suddenly, you have to scramble to replace these crucial investors, which takes your attention away from growth strategies. Ask your partners for specific examples of how they have helped other clients to improve and accelerate exhibitor and sponsorship renewals. Be sure to inquire about how they’re helping to gauge ROI for each investor, too. Today’s exhibitors and sponsors demand stronger and more credible proof of ROI.
  • Secure cost savings to protect and grow your profit margin. There’s nothing more discouraging than working hard to sign-on new sponsors and exhibitors, only to see rising fulfillment costs disrupt your profit margins. Look for partners who can negotiate the best possible rates, leading to more profitable events.
  • Acquire new sponsors and exhibitors. A strong partner can help you convince new sponsors and exhibitors that your revenue generating events are well worth their investment. Look for someone who can help you improve your exhibitor and sponsorship marketing campaigns and generate excitement about the event experience.

Gain more behavioral insight on what matters most to attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.

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Experient can help you design and deliver more profitable events.

Experient is laser focused on helping our clients achieve their revenue goals. We understand the pressure you’re under to deliver more profitable events – and we’re committed to helping you meet and exceed your revenue goals.

We work as an extension of your team, developing strategies that attract new sponsors and exhibitors, while honing ROI calculations for the ones you already have. At the same time, we keep a close eye on expenses, ensuring you always make the right investments.

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