Are you under pressure to increase event attendance?

Most organizations want to increase event attendance every year. But that can seem impossible when you don’t understand why some attendees come back, while others never return.

Every attendee who doesn’t come back puts you further behind.

A strong event management company helps you minimize attendee churn and increase event attendance every year – even with rising costs and flat budgets. But, picking the right partner isn’t always easy.

Finding a Partner to Help You Increase Event Attendance

If you’re focused on growing your event attendance and minimizing year-to-year churn, look for an event management partner who:

Understands your objectives.

Maybe you need to register as many attendees as possible to maximize revenue. Maybe you want a very specific type of audience to attend your event. Your goals are unique to your event and organization. Your attendance strategies should be too. Experient’s event professionals work with you to outline and clarify objectives, design and implement the strategies best poised to advance those objectives, with in-depth analysis and measurement of results soon after the event.

Designs experiences that minimize churn.

Every attendee, sponsor and exhibitor has their own expectations for your event and they’re constantly rising. When their experience falls short, many won’t come back. The cost to acquire new attendees is increasing, so it’s crucial that you convert more first-timers into die-hard loyalists. Experient’s marketing and experience design experts are vigilant in tapping the latest research in neuroscience and event-experience design to help you create more customized and hyper-relevant experiences. This means engaging your guests more deeply, delivering soundly on their goals and objectives, and keeping them coming back year after year.

Identifies new sources of potential attendees.

Too often event attendance goes flat because existing lead sources are exhausted. When increasing attendance seems impossible, you need a partner who is experienced in expanding event audiences and developing more effective ways to reach them. Experient offers a pre-show event marketing campaign that generates new attendee registrations for select audience segments.

Helps you understand what works and what doesn’t.

After your event, you need to know which booths or speakers worked this year, and which you might consider skipping next year. You need a partner that provides detailed reports of attendee behaviors from start to finish, so you can improve the event experience and boost attendance. Experient reports on the best-attended sessions, booths with the heaviest traffic and other key performance indicators.

Why Choose Experient to Increase Event Attendance for You?

Experient can help you dramatically improve event attendance, keep exhibitors and sponsors happy and renewing, and most importantly, ensure that your event remains on a healthy and more prosperous growth track. We know how to design events that guests want to experience again and again, minimizing attendee churn.

If you’re looking for robust and personalized solutions that drive buzz and lead to record-breaking attendance, it’s time to talk to Experient.

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