Business Intelligence —
Learning from Guest Actions and Behaviors

You're under pressure to deliver remarkable event experiences. But delivering value onsite isn't enough. Once the event is over, the bigger questions need to be answered. What did we learn from this event? What were the big takeaways that will help us substantially improve event experiences and outcomes?

Sponsors and exhibitors demand events that satisfy guests and deliver results for their businesses. You need to know what worked and what needs to change to make your next event more rewarding for all.

RFID, your event evaluation survey and other evaluation methods provide some measure of insight, but they often fall short in capturing the most important things. A good partner:

  • Recognizes the need to be more strategic.
  • Captures the right data from the right people in the right manner.
  • Analyzes that data to uncover insights that will ensure strong event revenue, growth and sustainability.

But how can you find a reliable partner who can do it all?

Partners that Provide Actionable Business Intelligence

Finding a partner who can get the most from your event management database and help you transform data into valuable business intelligence isn't easy. To impact the bottom line, you need a partner who:

  • Knows your mission and constantly works to help you advance. Gathering insights on your event's performance doesn't help if it can't be analyzed and transformed into actionable next steps to improve performance. That's why Experient filters and studies reams of event data to reveal key insights to help you deliver on your event mission promise.
  • Makes your data understandable and actionable. Spending time and money gathering business intelligence and distributing an event evaluation survey is useless if you can't extract the most valuable insights. Experient's reports are informed by a multitude of statistics and details, then rolled-up into a concise, yet powerful list of top recommendations and next step actions. We cut to the chase to help our clients stay focused on the most important things.
  • Keeps exhibitors and sponsors in mind. Your attendees aren't the only ones you need to please. Your exhibitors and sponsors demand results and valuable insights that help them drive revenue. Experient recognizes the importance of these relationships and is adept in helping you have richer, data-driven performance discussions with your exhibitors and sponsors.

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Why Choose Experient to Improve Your Business Intelligence

As your event insights partner, Experient captures the full scope of information you need for a robust event management database, including registration, housing, mobile platforms, behavioral monitoring, event evaluation surveys and exhibitor lead generation tools.

Experient has pioneered the use of behavioral analytics in events. Today, we're revolutionizing the industry - giving attendees, exhibitors and event organizers access to more data than has ever been possible before.

With this data, Experient's business intelligence consultants help you to fine-tune your event strategy. With Experient's Event Intelligence, your decisions are now backed by concrete and credible evidence – improving your event's bottom line.

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