Event planning costs are on the rise. Your budget is not. Where can you find cost savings?

Event organizers face more challenges than ever before. Higher costs. Flat budgets. Constant demands for better events and better results.

How can you deliver more revenue, better results and a remarkable guest experience while staying within your event planning budget?

You might be surprised – but you don’t need to cut back on special features to save on budget. With the right partner, you don’t need to choose between a remarkable guest experience and healthy financials. You can have both.

Choosing a Partner to Manage Your Event Planning Costs

If you want a partner that can impact your bottom line, they should have:

  • Buying power. You need an event management agency with the right relationships. As part of Maritz Global Events, Experient leverages our buying power and trusted relationships to negotiate cost savings for you.
  • Negotiating skills. If you let an inexperienced negotiator represent you, they can waste time on contract concessions that don’t matter to you and frustrate your future event partners. With Experient, you work with experienced negotiators that work for a company with the size and scale to deliver the best rates, concessions, and terms possible. You get accurate, liability-reducing event contracts – and event partners who look forward to working with you.
  • The ability to show ROI. The right partner helps you make the most of your budget and show value to your organization. Experient shares ongoing reports that highlight the real cost savings we deliver and the value added to your event. With Experient, you’ll never wonder where your budget stands.

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Why Choose Experient to Maximize Your Event Planning Budget?

Don’t compromise your attendees’ experience to save on planning costs. Experient can help you maximize your event management budget. Our size and scale helps you secure the best deals, freeing up your time and budget to focus on more important things.

Experient helps you save money AND achieve the results you need:

  • Stay on budget. Your organization wants better results from your event and tight control of the budget. We help you prove ROI and showcase the value your events deliver.
  • Impress your guests. Your invite list gets more diverse and difficult to please. Experient helps you design remarkable experiences for all your guests – and we do it without blowing your budget.
  • Prove value to exhibitors. They need to know your event is worth it, or you’ll lose their business. Experient helps exhibitors understand the true value of their relationship with you and your event.

With Experient, you’ll drive results and stay within budget – all while experiencing the support from a true partner. We’re with you at every step of the event planning process.

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